A mock up of a magazine folded open to show the advertisement for La Feree. The add features a large photograph of a three teacups stacked up and sitting ontop of three stacked sauceers. there are flowers and pink roses sitting around the plates with the cafe into at the bottom of the page.
La Férée is a coffee and pastry shop. My task was to develop a logo and overall identity. The focus was to present the cafe in a way that was reminiscent of high tea and the Rococo period, but a modern feel. A celebration of all things soft and sweet.
A rectangular image split down the middle with a pink bar. The left side of the image features a header which reads "Sketches" and below it are six thumbnail sketches for potential advertisement images. On the right is a photo taken by the artist of the table used during the photoshoot which is covered with flowers, a tea cup with coffee in it, clippers, and a dslr camera.
I also created the design for the to-go cups as well as an advertisement for a local magazine. The magazine ad was my favorite part because I love any excuse to buy and photograph a bunch of flowers. 
A rectangular image with a pink bar down the middle splitting it into two images. On the left is a photograph of a table featuring a full tea cup and a pastry. On the right is a header which reads "Color Palette" underneath it are four tall rectangles each one a different color. From left to right there is a medium dusty pink with the word "Berry" written on the bottom in white. Next to that is a maroon colored rectangle with the word "Plum" written in white at the bottom of the rectangle. Then there is a soft pink rectangle and at the botoom of that is the word "Rose" written in white. Finally there is a white rectangle with the plum color used for an outline and at the bottom of the rectangle to write "Sugar."
A rectangular image split down the middle with a pink bar to create two connected squares. On the left is a photograph of a wooden table with two chairs next an open window with flowers on the table. Next to one of the chairs is a small cupboard which is also wooden and has a big bouquet of pink and white flowers on top. This place is clearly a cafe. On the right side of the image is a caucasian hand holding up a to go coffee cup. The cupe itself is a solid dusty medium pink color that is covered in outline drawings of flowers that are a lighter pink. The name of the cafe, La Feree, is also featured on the cup.
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